About Me

Hey I’m Hipworth and I began my creative pursuits after leaving school to join a band until I discovered I had a terrible voice and wasn’t that good at playing bass so I quit and started going to raves.

I quickly fell in love with  the dance music scene and soon after started putting on my own psy parties in an abandoned chocolate factory on the outskirts of Melbourne that we called Subcity.

With a lotta help from my friends we decorated the fuck out of that place, spending weeks at a time setting up before an event and had some wild parties over the course of a few years until, I got run out of town for squatting there and not being able to pay the lease.

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After Subcity I took on odd jobs as an installation artist and designed flyers for dance parties. Around this time I also started DJing and working with a few record labels.

None of this actually paid the bills so it was a stroke of luck when I landed a gig designing T-Shirts for a label called Pervert. This gave me a chance to hone my graphic design skills and not long after I was designing campaigns for clubs and dance parties across Melbourne.

The contacts I made through that journey led to an opportunity to work for Pioneer DJ designing the creative for all the PRO DJ campaigns for close to 10 years. When that came to an end I was lured into agency work and sold my soul to corporate developing websites and applications for global brands.

Coming out of the other end of agency work I freelanced for a few years, ran some more parties and DJ’d for a while. I’ve been lucky enough to play on line-ups with house music legends such as Dimitri From Paris, DJ Spen, Sandy Rivera, Joey Negro, Jamie Stevens and Eric Powell. Musically these have been my life’s highlights but now I get my musical fix from working on the occasional track that I share on Spotify.

Fast forward to now and I happily spend a lot of my time focusing on my digital artwork which I share through Instagram and more recently via CT (Crypto Twitter). My design workload is a mix of personal and commissioned work and I have been lucky enough to produce works for techno giants such as Carl Cox, Riva Starr and Bush Records. My recent work has included commissions from private collectors and the The Victorian Opera.

Recently I launched Contoured, an online gallery where you can find my work along with some of my favourite artists, available on limited edition canvases. I have some new projects launching very soon that I’m pumped to share with the art and crypto community so pls get across my socials and connect with me if you want to see those live.

It’s never easy writing about yourself and this was the simplest way I could do that so I hope you enjoyed my story till now. Be cool )